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Grading system (ECTS)

The Hyperion University of Bucharest follows the Bologna system in terms of cycles of studies and ECTS. Thus, there is the 1st cycle, or the undergraduate level, of 3 years of study and 180 ECTS in total (60 ECTS each year, for the compulsory subjects, to which optional subjects add), and the 2nd cycle, the MA level, with 2 years of study.

A student must obtain at least 40 ECTS for one year of study to be allowed to pass to the next year of study.

Each subject is allotted a certain number of ECTS, as it may be seen on the Course Catalogue. Each subject is graded, on the Romanian system, with a mark from 1 to 10, where one is the minimum and it usually means “fraud”, and 10 is the maximum. A minimum of 5 is required to pass the exam.